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caustic thoughts

You think your life is awkward? I sold lingerie to my preschool teacher today.

that awkward moment when you’re at work

and a customer has an unusual name that your friend also has, so you ask if she knows her and she says “no, that’s my ex-husband’s last name…”




WHAT IF the Beacon Hills, California family of Hales was related to the Charming, California family of Hales? WHAT IF?

When worlds collide

lol no. there’s no way 


is related to this:

me and dad walking to the store tonight:
*ten year old boy walks by us staring at me*
Dad: he thought you were cute
Me: he's TEN. he shouldn't even be out walking this time of night...
that awkward moment when the kids you used to teach in junior high youth group

are now in high school and all look like whores.

that awkward moment when you realize you drank the entire bottle of wine and your mom is going to kill you because she didn’t get any…
i now remember why i don’t go to church anymore..

but at least i got to see niki and dustin and alaina and peyton and crystal and michael miller and my other family :)


the american reunion trailer just came on tv

and my dad said “i guess i’ll have to see all of the first ones before i see the reunion”


my father does not need to watch these movies.



(via Last time I saw you, it was socially awkward.)
that awkward moment when tumblr spotlight tells you to follow someone you just unfollowed…
that awkward moment when you’re alone in your art class room so you start listening to screamo on your laptop and some random kid comes in, looks at you funny and immediately leaves.
trying to explain what the function of a penis pump is to my friend…

this is awkward

my life is so awkward

so this guy sean who i went to junior high with added me on facebook last week. and now he’s facebook chatting me…

and yeah lets just say its awkward. i havent talked to this kid in what.. 6 years? and even then like we were friends but he wasnt someone i really wanted to hang out with. even then he was into bad shit.

idk its just weird.. at least we’re talking tattoos. i can handle that haha