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caustic thoughts, day 290: a video you would usually watch on...

day 290: a video you would usually watch on Youtube

umm i actually don’t go on youtube that much unless im looking for a song

day 291: what did you eat today?

chips and cheese

day 292: recommend a few Tumblr’s and write why you recommended them.

ughhh i’ll do a follow friday on friday instead

day 293: when you look outside step outside your front door of the house, what do you see? 

gang unit.

day 294: something that inspires you


day 295: things you’re looking forward to next week -month


day 296: create a collage of your pictures you take in 1 day and post them up.


day 297: when did you start wearing makeup?

i first wore makeup when i was 7 but seriously when i was 13

day 298: do you like to dress up or dress down for school

usually somewhere in between depending on how tired i am

day 299: who’s on the left of your locker who’s on the right? do you like them?

i don’t have a locker….

day 300: your celebrity crush

ahaha hahahahahhaa only one? chris evans, charlie hunnam, theo rossi, chris hemsworth, tyler hoechlin, pretty much every hot guy on tv/movies

day 301: who is your favorite actor/actress and why?

ugh idk

day 302: post a picture of your makeup from today!

no. i look like shit and ive been crying.