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caustic thoughts, day 289: write a letter to your followers
day 289: write a letter to your followers

dear followers,

i have no idea why you’re following me but thank you and i hope you enjoy what i post. i know some of you personally and some have become friends because of tumblr, while others i have not interacted with at all. but to all of you, no matter if i talk to you or not, just know i am here for you no matter what. if you want to talk about nonsense, or if you need someone to vent to, if you want to discuss movies or tv or music or if you are having a crisis and need help or just someone to listen to you, i am here. i know everyone says that but really, I. AM. HERE. i will listen. i won’t judge. i will help if i can. i love you all and remember that you are unique beautiful people who have a place in the world and people who love you. don’t ever forget that. k? chin up. you’re awesome