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caustic thoughts, creepy divorcee
creepy divorcee

this middle aged man came into my work a couple of weeks ago when i was closing and i ended up talking to him for a bit. he then came in again every night i closed since and chatted me up. this is my letter to him:

you know at first, i felt bad for you. you seemed lonely and you were nice. and since i was stuck at work and bored i was willing to talk to you. and the first conversation was actually interesting and non threatening. i think you’re lonely because from what you told me you don’t get to see your daughters and you live alone. and that sucks i’m sorry.

but coming into my work and chatting me up every tues and thurs is getting creepy. and asking me to go see a movie with you crossed a line.

seeing you today at rite aid after work and having you come up behind me and start talking to me made me very uncomfortable. and i know your intentions probably aren’t malicious or sexual or anything but it is still not okay.

i am now very uncomfortable with the thought of closing this week. i’m afraid you’re going to come in again. i don’t think i can be nice to you. but i have to be because we’re all about customer service. this is making work difficult. i’ve resorted to wearing a fake engagement ring because i’m hoping it will make you back off.

i really don’t appreciate the fact that i no longer feel safe closing. i don’t like that i have to take measures to make you back off. i don’t like the fact that i have to be nice to you even if all i want to do is tell you to leave me the fuck alone. i don’t like that i, as a female, have to worry about things like this.