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Oh, so I guess “It’s the White House for a reason” is a thing now.  Alex Zeagler’s is my favorite: “on the off chance this is racist, don’t worry ‘coz it’s not offensive.”

Just so we’re clear. This is definitely racist. And I wouldn’t even call this “casual” racism, apart from the fact that these assholes are very casual about how fucking racist they are. This is overt racism, stating that basically a white man deserves to be in the White House because the presidency is an office that should only be available to white people. I don’t know how much more explicitly racist you can get.

So, yes. All these motherfuckers up here? Racists. You agree with them? You’re a fucking racist, too. And I don’t know how on earth you can possibly argue otherwise.

And surprise, surprise. All these people are WHITE.

i really hate people.

and idk why but that lat girls face just really annoys me.

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