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caustic thoughts, day 262: list your favorite stores sur la table ...

day 262: list your favorite stores

  • sur la table
  • dollar tree
  • target
  • forever 21
  • styles 4 less
  • mode plus
  • art supply warehouse

day 263: list how you did your make up today

foundation, powder, liquid eyeliner on top, mascara

day 264: how are you wearing your hair

in a clip

day 265: post a picture of your outfit, or explain it

work uniform. ugly green shirt, black skinny jeans, black socks, black vans, a visor and an apron. ew.

day 266: an old song you still like

pretty much everything pre 2004

day 267: when you’ve had a terrible day, how do you deal with it?

cry. sleep. read. listen to music… other less desirable things.

day 268: an overused saying?

YOLO. that shit needs to stop.

day 269:how are you similar to and different from the majority of Tumblr users?

similar: i’m a decent human being and fangirl.

different: i’m not obsessed with love and having a significant other like most people on here.