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caustic thoughts, update on my life:
update on my life:
  • went to look at the apartments i’m moving into in 9 months (holy crap 9 months) and they were AWESOME. there’s a bunch of stores and restaurants around them and they have storage and parking and it’s perfectly priced and yay!
  • talked to my mom and i may be able to go on my aunt’s cell phone plan which means I GET AN IPHONE WEEEEEEEEEE
  • i figured out my halloween costume and its perfect and cheap! WIN
  • my mom told me i can’t worry about my grandma and that i just need to move out and get away from the crazyness that is my family. i’m glad that i finally have the freedom to do that.
  • work is actually really good right now. so is school. i’m super busy and i barely sleep but i feel so productive and i love it.
  • i’m balancing everything perfectly right now
  • i get to go to disneyland tomorrow with my mama to watch endeavor fly over and then go draw parts of the park for my drawing class.
  • oh and SOA is back. ajslhdfjksdbfaskj feelings.