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caustic thoughts, day 255: list your five favorite drinks rum ...

day 255: list your five favorite drinks

  1. rum
  2. milk
  3. champagne
  4. root beer
  5. sobe cranberry grapefruit

day 256: list five things you want to say to ten different people at this moment

  1. love youuuuu
  2. i’m so glad we reconnected
  3. i can’t wait to move in together
  4. stop being annoying cunts
  5. i miss you.

day 257: list five good things about your life

  1. my friends
  2. my family
  3. the fact that i have a job
  4. moving in with domo next summer
  5. school is actually going well

day 258: list five bad things about your life

  1. my depression
  2. money is tight
  3. i want to be able to move out now
  4. i have no clue what i’m doing with my life
  5. i have a math test wed

day 259: list your family members and how they help you daily

mom: cooks for me

dad: provides for me

sister: annoys me?

day 260: list your five favorite songs


  1. one more night- maroon 5
  2. settle down- no doubt
  3. pontoon- little big town
  4. little talks- of monsters and men
  5. blow me- p!nk

day 261: list what you did/plan to do today

  • went to school
  • ate lunch at grandmas
  • went to the car wash and best buy with domo
  • went to math class
  • ate dinner at grandmas with domo
  • played cards
  • tumblr