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caustic thoughts, catching up cuz im lame
catching up cuz im lame

day 233: what is the most quotable movie.. list a few of your favorite quotes?

mean girls. and there’s literally so many i can’t.

day 234: favorite song as a ten year old?


day 235: if your six year old self looked at you now, what would their reaction be?

the fuck happened???

day 236: what was your most memorable summer

last summer or this summer

day 237: who from full house do you relate to most?

ummmmm i really dont know maybe stephanie

day 238: who/what can’t you live without?

my family/friends and my ipod, camera, laptop and books. oh and food….and alcohol.

day 239: have you changed in the past 200 days?

i think so. im more unsure now.

day 240: what does your name mean according to urban dictionary? were you named after anyone in your family, or does your name mean something special to your parents?

"a cute funny and sweet girl who loves her friends and would do anything for them." accurate.

and i wasn’t named after anyone but my mom and her best friend (my godmother) always liked kaitlin and anastasia and got pregnant at the same time and said whoever was born first would get anastasia. thank god ana was born 2 months before me haha

day 241: what name would your parents have named you if you were the opposite sex? did they have a list of names for you?

lucas or matthew. nice and biblical. and ya they did