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The First 70: California’s State Parks Being Closed

I had no idea but apparently California has started signing documents due to budget cuts to close 70 state parks. An idea that is absurd.

“Last May California announced plans to close one quarter of their 278 parks, a devastating move that is intended to save the state a mere $22 million per year. The closure list includes thousands of acres of park land, recreation areas, wildlife reserves, and 50% of the state’s historic parks. By July 2012 Californians will be bereft of 70 magnificent natural parks. The media has done little to disclose the ongoing closures or emphasize their impact.”

I know I have a lot of readers out in California. Please, please reblog this and find out how you can help by clicking here!

How is this just getting exposure now!?

Boosting the signal. Calling Leslie Knope asap. But in all seriousness, this is really depressing.

(Source: supersonicart)